I was born in 1986 in Mauges north-west region, France.

Since I was a child, I have been drawing with sheets of paper.
My creative path led me successively to graphic design, which I practiced for seven years, photography, then also ceramics.
In graphic design, I had a pronounced taste for minimalism. In a different way, I also follow it in the practice of ceramics, by modeling pieces with a raw and mineral aspect.
It is also to get away from invasive screens, that I returned to a manual practice, where listening to the senses is essential.

My artistic practice is expressed through various traditional techniques, such as drawing, painting and clay modeling.
I love more than anything else to walk in the forest, to follow the paths in the mountains, or to silently watch the waves caressing the sand.
As a nod to my first name, the themes I approach are mainly centered on nature, its protection, and its inhabitants.


Dans la forêt, Le Petit B, Nantes, 2022 Jan-Mar


Art & Décoration, 2021 Jan-Feb
Home, 2020 Nov-Dec